The coronavirus pandemic has turned the world upside down, exposing major weaknesses in our economy and the deep-seated inequalities in our society that mean the most vulnerable people have been hit the hardest. 

But what we do next could change everything. As the world recovers, we have a chance to reset the clock and build back better than before.

We need something new. 

We need a new deal that prioritises people, invests in our NHS and creates a robust, shockproof economy that is capable of tackling the climate crisis. 

Any coronavirus recovery plan must be built on the following principles:

Secure the health and needs of everyone in the UK now and into the future

Ensure access to food, healthcare, income, job security, good housing, clean and affordable energy and heat, public transport, clean air and green spaces for everyone  irrespective of employment or nationality.

Protect and invest in our public services

From the NHS to paid and unpaid social care, from schools and colleges to rescue services, early years care and local authorities. The services that we all rely on must be properly funded, protected from privatisation and available to everyone, regardless of their immigration status.

Rebuild society with a transformative Green New Deal

The recovery plan must decarbonise the economy in a way that tackles inequality and enhances the lives of ordinary people, workers and communities. It should create thousands of new, well-paid, secure, unionised jobs across the country.

Invest in people

Ensure that policies and investments for recovery do not prop up the profits of the big banks and the executives of corporations that fuel climate change and inequality. We need to restructure public and private finance so that it redistributes power into the hands of people, workers and communities, and supports sectors that nourish our society and safeguards our future.

Build solidarity and community across borders

Our recovery should leave no-one behind - especially as much of the world begins its fight against Covid-19. Everything we do now, and during the longer-term recovery, should aim to end global injustices, conflict, and environmental degradation; guarantee human rights and free movement; and promote changes that end global power inequalities. We must share solutions and technology and transfer finance where it’s needed.

Get involved

Sign up to the campaign by joining our virtual rally

We might not be able to take to the streets right now, but we can still make our voices heard. Drop a pin outside the Houses of Parliament and let the government know that we need to build back better.

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