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We’ve already seen what can be achieved when we support each other during this crisis. Now we need to channel that community spirit into creating an unstoppable movement to  rebuild our society for the better, to urge the government to provide a new deal that puts people, not profits, first.

That new deal is possible, but to make it a reality, we all need to act. If the government hears our demands from every corner of the country, they won’t be able to ignore us. So wherever you are in the country, we need you to start campaigning to build back better.

Whether you’re  an individual or a group that normally campaigns on environmental justice, social justice or workers rights, the Build Back Better campaign is relevant to you.

Take action for Green Jobs

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It doesn’t make sense for people to be unemployed when there is so much work that needs to be done. We’re calling on the government to invest in creating millions of good, green jobs.

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Download Campaign Guide

As well as organising locally to put pressure on your MP, there are loads of other activities that you can do to campaign to Build Back Better.

This guide provides groups and individuals with ideas for how you can organise in your community, win political support and mobilise your supporters, to ensure that during and after this crisis, we Build Back Better. Get involved today!

View and download the campaign guide
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Get some support

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There are two ways you can get support to campaign in your community


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